Notarial services


You may be asked to appear before a notary public or a commissioner for oaths when preparing documents such as these:

  • Affidavit
  • Statutory declarations
  • Applications for passports or immigration
  • Documents for transfers of land
  • Letters of consent for children travelling outside Canada
  • Letters of invitation to foreign visitors
  • Applications to join professional orders
  • Proofs of loss for insurance claims

Call for a prompt appointment. You will receive rapid service for a reasonable fee.

How much do your notarial services cost?

Notarisation and commissioning of oaths cost:

  • $49 for the first signature
  • $10 for each additional signature
  • $20 per appointment (not per document) when any documents are not in English
    In addition, there may be charges for large amounts of photocopying, travel, and other unusual items.

Do you offer any free notarial services?

Clients of the firm may receive free notarial services in support of their legal matters. Transgendered people and gender-queer people also receive free notarisation of the documents required in Alberta for an official change of name or designation of sex. Please call for an appointment.

What shall I bring to the notary public?

You must bring all of the following:

  • Your documents, completed but not signed (the notary public or commissioner for oaths must see you sign them). For reasons of security, this firm will not print your electronic documents.
  • An identifying document issued by a government and bearing your photo, such as a driver’s licence or a passport (not necessarily Canadian).
  • An additional identifying document, such as a provincial health-care card or a major credit card bearing your name.
  • All people who must sign the documents, including any witnesses. These people too must bring two pieces of ID satisfying the requirements given above.
  • An interpreter, if you and the notary public have no common language.
  • Money for the fee.

I need a certified copy of a document.

The notary public will photocopy the document for you and certify the copy as authentic. You do not have to bring copies, only the original document. Five photocopied pages are included free of charge.

I wish to make a personal guarantee for a debt, a lease, or another obligation in Alberta.

Only a lawyer may issue the certificate required by law in Alberta.
A guarantee takes more time than most notarial services because the lawyer prepares documents and gives you independent legal advice. The required legal consultation costs $220.

Will you witness a will?

No. This firm does not witness wills, except sometimes for clients who use its legal services. In Alberta, a will does not have to be notarised; some wills do not even have to be witnessed. A lawyer can advise you on the requirements for forming a will and the procedures to follow for witnessing the will if necessary.

My documents are not in English.

I notarise documents in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and a number of other languages. Please call for more information.

Can you guarantee that my notarised documents will be accepted?

No. A notary public cannot know whether the intended recipient will accept your documents. Please discuss that with the recipient before having your documents notarised.

Can you provide an apostille?

Only a government may provide an apostille, which is a document authenticating the signature and seal of the notary public. For a small fee, the Government of Alberta can issue what it calls a Certificate of Authenticity[1].

Notary public in Edmonton, Alberta


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