Coronavirus and refugees

Parole di Dejan Kulusevski, calciatore professionale di 20 anni in Italia: A quelli che ora hanno ventotto pacchi di pasta. A quelli che sul mercato nero stanno cercando disinfettante per le mani. A quelli che camminano per strada con una mascherina. E a quelli che stanno progettando di fuggire con i figli verso zone non infettate dal Coronavirus: non guardate mai più con disprezzo alle persone che fuggono da guerra e carestia. Quotation by Dejan Kulusevski, age 20, who plays soccer professionally in Italy: To those who now have twenty-eight packages of pasta, to those who are striving to find disinfectant

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Countries of origin for clients seeking Canadian immigration, refuge, or citizenship

I have helped clients from the following countries with issues of Canadian immigration, refuge, or citizenship. Albania Algeria Armenia Australia Bangladesh Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Chile China Colombia Congo-Brazzaville Congo-Kinshasa Côte d’Ivoire Croatia Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia France Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea Haiti Hungary India Iran Iraq Ireland Italy Japan Kenya Laos Lebanon Liberia Libya Macedonia Malaysia Mexico Morocco Nigeria Pakistan Palestine Philippines Poland Portugal Roumania Russia Rwanda Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Slovakia Somalia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Syria Thailand Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United

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Lawsuits for outlandish sums of money

What is the largest amount of money ever claimed in a lawsuit? When I worked for Canada’s Federal Court, I addressed a lawsuit that sought «unlimited Canadian dollars». That must be the largest claim on record, unless any litigant has been sufficiently bold and mathematically skilled to venture into the larger transfinite numbers. Another substantial suit, however, has caught my attention: a plaintiff in New York has filed a handwritten claim for $2 undecillion (or, as he put it more verbosely, «two thousand decillion dollars») against sundry defendants who allegedly harmed him by taking his picture without permission (the indignity being

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3 voies privilégiées pour l’immigration canadienne à l’intention des francophones

(Summary: People with a fair to excellent command of the French language enjoy special opportunities to immigrate to Canada. For more information, set up an initial consultation.) Si vous parlez plutôt bien français, vous pouvez bénéficier de trois possibilités spéciales d’immigrer au Canada à titre de résident permanent. Profitez-en ! Comme tout autre programme d’immigration, ceux-ci peuvent être modifiés ou annulés à tout moment pour des raisons politiques. Si la vie au Canada vous séduit, vous avez donc tout intérêt à vous informer des meilleures possibilités d’immigration qui s’offrent à vous. Immigrer au Québec Seule province majoritairement francophone, le Québec choisit

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Dinner with wine at Nello’s Restaurant on 22 January 2020

I shall be the sommelier at an Italian dinner to be held at Nello’s Restaurant, 11520 100th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, at 18:30 on 22 January 2020. We shall enjoy six courses, each with its own wine selected and presented by me. Learn about wine, enjoy a great meal, and perhaps make some friends. Warm up with some delicious food and wine on a cold Wednesday night. For tickets ($95 each, gratuity included), call 780 460-8505. Feel free to mention my name.

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Santa Claus arrested and charged

EDMONTON, 24 Dec 2019 — A suspect giving his name as Santa Claus faces numerous criminal charges after the police broke up a bizarre racket involving toys, wild animals, and exploitation of impressionable young children. The police apprehended Mr Claus in a private residence after numerous people in the neighbourhood complained that he had intruded into their living rooms and knocked soot from the fireplace all over the floor. «Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter», recalled a gentleman dressed in pyjamas and a cap, «I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. Away to the

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The most important thing to do when applying for Canadian immigration, refuge, or citizenship

Every year hundreds of thousands of people become permanent residents of Canada. Many others become refugees or citizens. But not every applicant succeeds. How can you make your application as compelling as possible? My specific advice would depend on your circumstances. But there is one important recommendation that I stress to every client: TELL THE TRUTH! It sounds simple, but surprisingly many people do not follow it. Some of them set out to deceive: they may submit forged documents or fraudulent application forms. Others carelessly complete the paperwork or make up a story under the stress of an interview. People

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New course: Criminal Law Update

In March 2020, my colleague Anthony Oliver and I shall serve as chairpersons of the course Criminal Law Update, offered by the Legal Education Society of Alberta. The course will present the recent legislative changes to Canadian criminal law and their implications lawyers practising in the field. It will be taught in both Edmonton and Calgary. Watch this blog for details.

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Arrest and bail in Alberta

What happens when you are arrested You should know what happens if you are arrested and charged with criminal offences. First of all, you are still innocent. Charges are nothing more than accusations. You have not yet been proven guilty. You have many rights, some of them constitutional. A good lawyer will assert and protect your rights in any criminal proceeding. The police may arrest you and charge you with criminal offences if they have reasonable and probable grounds for arrest that are objectively justifiable. When you are arrested, you must identify yourself; otherwise you may be charged with the

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